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Ensuring safer streets and faster emergency responses.

Implement Smart Tech solutions, driven by data-centric video technology, to enhance urban safety while creating more secure, efficient, and livable environments.

Empower law enforcement agencies, and emergency services to collaborate and respond rapidly to incidents by providing real-time monitoring. Deter criminal activity with surveillance technology in public places. This heightened security presence contributes to crime prevention, ensuring safer urban environments.

In the event of emergencies and crises, Smart Tech solutions detect and provide information on incidents like accidents, fires, or public disturbances, allowing first responders to react promptly.

In addition to security aspects, our Smart Vertical Solutions also plays a significant role in traffic management and urban planning. They monitor traffic congestion and violations, providing valuable data on how public spaces are used.

We deliver a multifaceted approach to urban safety and city planning to create safer, smarter cities, improving the overall quality of urban life.


From parks to shopping malls and transit stations, advanced security measures and AI-driven video analytics serve as vigilant guardians, continuously detecting and deterring suspicious activities while aiding law enforcement agencies in incident investigation.

Reduce criminal incidents like theft and assault, enable quick suspect identification, and enhance safety in public spaces for residents and visitors. In addition to preventive measures, the system also gathers valuable video evidence for law enforcement agencies, making it instrumental in investigations and legal proceedings. Improve the overall effectiveness of public safety efforts as our security measures ensure the integrity of video evidence, complying with industry and federal regulations.

Explore comprehensive security measures that offer an elevated level of safety and surveillance for public spaces.

Smart Tech solutions leverage advanced video technology to manage and ensure the safety of large crowds at public events, sports venues, and bustling transport hubs. By harnessing analytics functions like people counting and heat mapping, these systems empower security teams with improved situational awareness.

Alleviate public inconvenience, reduce the potential dangers associated with large gathering, and enhance the overall experience in crowded areas. With people counting and heat mapping features, these solutions provide real-time insights into crowd dynamics, allowing security teams to better understand the movement and behavior of individuals within the crowd.

Through the identification, counting, and understanding of crowd dynamics, our solutions enable the provision of appropriate security measures and guidance to the crowd.

Take the pressure off of police and security staff as they are quickly directed to where they are needed most.

Enhance emergency response capabilities by providing real-time information on incidents, accidents, and disasters. This critical information empowers emergency responders to make informed decisions, allocate resources effectively, and significantly reduce response times, ensuring the safety of the community.

The ability to access real-time audio and video data enables emergency responders to react with unprecedented speed and formulate appropriate strategies and resource allocation.

Avert crises, enable proactive responses, and identify urgent situations such as shouting or cries for help by integrating surveillance technology, including audio and video threat detection capabilities.

When every second counts, this feature can be the difference between life and death. Foster a sense of security and trust in emergency response services with Smart Tech solutions.

Experience the multi-faceted benefits of License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology. A game-changer for urban management, it provides law enforcement support, streamlined parking, and traffic control in bustling city areas. 

Enable law enforcement to identify and track vehicles in various scenarios, including criminal investigations. Enjoy simplified parking management as technology automates processes like payment, entry and exit, ensuring hassle-free parking experiences for residents and visitors.

In congested urban environments, LPR optimises traffic by allowing only authorised vehicles to access specific lanes and roads, reducing traffic jams. In addition, it also automatically generates alerts when flagged vehicles pass by, bolstering public safety and aiding in real-time responses.

Get a comprehensive solution that enhances city functionality.

Employ advanced camera technology equipped with intelligent analytics to upgrade traffic management. 

Intelligent cameras monitor traffic flow in real-time, enabling authorities to take immediate action and improve the overall flow of traffic. Continuous monitoring and data analysis identifies congestion-prone areas, allowing city planners to implement measures that alleviate traffic bottlenecks.

Leveraging insights from intelligent cameras, city authorities can streamline transportation systems to improve its efficiency and bring economic benefits for both residents and businesses.
Experience reduced and smoother daily commutes, enhanced transport efficiency, less fuel consumption, and a better urban living experience.

Accelerate the efficiency of incident resolution through revolutionary video data retrieval and analysis.

Locating specific incidents or individuals within a sea of video footage traditionally posed significant challenges and consumed considerable time, but our Smart Tech solution alleviates this burden by offering precise filtering and advanced analytics, drastically reducing the time required to pinpoint key evidence.

Search for specific incidents or individuals by vehicle class, such as bicycles, SUVs, or small sedans. Pinpoint details efficiently, and narrow down your search by speed and direction of movement to get accurate results.

Through timely incident resolutions, law enforcers have an easier time maintaining public safety, preventing criminal activities, and responding to emergencies effectively.

Access video and image data with pinpoint accuracy and give city authorities with valuable insights into urban events, enabling data-driven decision-making for proactive responses to incidents.

Empower law enforcement, security personnel, and city officials to respond rapidly to incidents and allocate resources effectively.

Create more efficient and safer urban environments through intelligent behaviour analysis and data-driven decision-making.

By combining video analysis, image processing, deep learning, and artificial intelligence, we empower city authorities to proactively allocate resources where they are most needed. Identify crime trends and areas that require attention, allowing for efficient resource deployment to mitigate potential dangers.

Go beyond standard surveillance. Intelligent Behaviour Analysis is designed to detect critical events, including intrusion, loitering, direction flow violations, and crowd density, ensuring high-level scene protection and security enhancement. In addition, data derived from monitoring pedestrian traffic, vehicle movement, and other urban parameters serves as a compass for informed policy-making. City officials can devise strategies based on real-time data, optimizing resource allocation, and enhancing the overall quality of life for residents.

Improve public safety, and uncover crime trends with Intelligent Behaviour Analysis to enable law enforcement and city officials to take pre-emptive actions.

Centralise and automate access management through Smart Tech solutions. 

Integrated with surveillance technology, bolster security by making it easier to verify the identities of individuals attempting to enter restricted areas. Enhance security through an extra layer of verification for sensitive information and video data. Plus, fortify the safety of video databases and exports through robust encryption and password protection measures. 

Keep sensitive information secure and streamline access for control functions, centralising them within the platform. Handle access management operations efficiently, from monitoring to granting or restricting access, in one place.

Transform parking with advanced Edge AI-based smart parking system. It provides real-time images and data on parking availability for users and parking managers. The Edge AI-based system delivers clearer images and covers larger areas, resulting in reduced maintenance costs and less complexity for parking management deployment.
It also performs unattended License Plate Recognition (even at odd angles), and is applicable to both automobiles and motorcycles.


Video Content Analytics Software

Enhance urban safety with intelligent video analytics, offering robust features like face recognition, crowd counting, and moving object masking to safeguard cities.

Traffic Detection

Detect traffic violations such as illegal turns or lane violations, prevent accidents, and minimise disruptions caused by incidents like illegal parking.

Vehicle License Plate Recognition

Automatically capture and identify vehicle number plates for various purposes such as traffic violation, managing access to carparks or tolling.

Model Recognition

Leverage artificial intelligence to identify the make and model of vehicles to faciliate parking management and enhance safety.

Vector Recognition

Automatically detect vehicles violating traffic rules like speeding and illegal turning through road sign analysis, or unlawful parking through analysis of parking signs and road markings.

Crowd People Counter

Get real-time video analysis with enhanced visibility that accurately counts over 80,000 people in up to 4 specified areas simultaneously.

Profile Analyser

Accurately identify the age and gender of multiple individuals, providing valuable data for city management and secure urban living.

People Counter

Automatically analyses and counts the total number of people present in videos and images, complete with high accuracy in human detection.


Optimise flow of people to prevent overcrowding in public transportation areas.

Face Recognition

Manage access to restricted areas by granting entry to authorised individuals.

Pedestrian Detection

Analyse and improve pedrestrian movement while Intelligent Traffic Signals fine-tune traffic light wait times to improve travel experience.

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Canon’s Data Capture/Recognition and Processing Solution: I.R.I.S

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