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Avoid losing vital information with the right resources and security policies.

Secure business information and document management is of paramount importance in a digitalised future. Despite the shift towards digital conversion, the reliance on document formats persists, making the secure sharing of documents with trusted partners, clients, and collaborators a challenge.

Concerns about data privacy and unauthorised access are valid, as cyber threats loom large. Protecting sensitive data throughout its lifecycle is imperative, as attackers continually devise innovative methods to compromise systems and steal valuable information.

Smart Workplace solutions provide strong authentication, access control, and well-defined policies to keep valuable data safe. By granting access only to authorised personnel, your organisation gains greater control over potential data leaks. Logging all activities allows for effective tracking of document distribution, while proactive monitoring of devices, document, and user logs helps detect threats and identity leaks promptly.

Let your business thrive in an increasingly interconnected and vulnerable digital landscape through a smart document management system that safeguards document and information security.

Benefits of Document Management

Documents are store in a central repository for easier storage management, document retrieval and navigation.

Prevent document /data loss or corruption especially sensitive information.

Streamlines collaboration to access documents digitally.

Better communication and team work where information is shared and access in real-time.

Help companies meet regulatory compliance which ensure information are organised , managed and store properly.

Enhance work efficiency through process automation, every task assignments are tracked through audit trail ensuring no task are left behind.

Benefits of Information Security

Protect Business Information

Ensure the utmost security of valuable business assets through robust measures in place. Protect, secure, and stay one step ahead.

Control Security Risks

Discover document management and information security solutions that provide visibility and control over potential risks, and prevent data loss with safe document distribution.

Secure Devices and Platforms

Safeguard your workplace devices, information, and digital documents from potential threats with a secured document management and information security system.

Proper Compliance and Transparency

Mitigate the legal risks and protect your organisation's reputation by maintaining compliance and providing visibility of data audit trails.


Protecting your business data is crucial in today's digital landscape. With SMART Workplace's document and information security solution, you can ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of valuable information.

Information leakage can have detrimental consequences, including loss of customer trust and regulatory penalties. Our document management and information security system addresses both internal and external security threats. Prevent unauthorised operations by implementing strict user access controls and mitigating data breaches caused by careless mistakes.

Stay one step ahead of external threats with robust measures against software tampering, unapproved document access, and admin function breaches. Safeguard audit logs, prevent malicious activities, and maintain the integrity of communication data.

Count on Smart Workplace's expertise to provide a secure digital workplace. Protect your business, enhance productivity, and enable seamless collaboration in today's hybrid work environment. Embrace the power of cutting-edge technology for a modern, secure, and productive workplace.


Fortify your print infrastructure against unauthorised access and device tampering.

Our solution employs advanced encryption technologies to safeguard in-transit and at-rest data providing enhanced protection throughout your printing process. Anonymisation of print file names adds an extra layer of confidentiality to your workplace's printing operations.

No sensitive document is ever output without the proper authorisation, and this means face recognition authentication is essential for the release of these documents. Through a robust identity authentication process, employees can securely scan and send documents directly to their email accounts or document management systems.

Utilise Smart Workplace's Document and Information Security solutions to ensure a protected digital work environment.

Take control of your document and information security with Smart Workplace's robust document management and information security system.

Our authentication feature ensures that only authorised personnel access sensitive business information. Grant or restrict access with ease, preventing unauthorised use of documents.

Advanced Face Recognition Technology, with its deep learning capabilities, identifies distinctive facial features and compares them with stored data to vigilantly stop spoofing. Thanks to its adaptive capabilities, the technology also identifies individuals even when they're wearing masks.

Implementing advanced authorisation measures eliminate the risks of weak and inaccurate security protocols, safeguarding against data leaks so you can enjoy the convenience of accessing your information securely, anytime and anywhere.

Experience the power of strong authentication for unparalleled document security.

Effortlessly track your business processes, whether physical or digital copies, with our centralised information management.

Our device provides logs for integration with monitoring systems, enabling threat detection. Proactively monitor device, document, and user logs to promptly detect threats and identity leaks. Ensure backup and disaster recovery to minimise data disruption. Set data storage and archiving time frames for managing the lifespan of data for compliance.

Smart Workplace's Document and Information Security empowers your organisation with the transparency and accountability needed to thrive in today's digital landscape.

Have absolute authority over your documents and information with Smart Workplace's document and information control feature.

Utilise the power of our secure repository with protected printing and information access. Establish stringent policy settings to track movement and distribution of confidential documents, ensuring data integrity and privacy, even in the event of theft.

Keep data at rest and maintain its integrity and security, and experience a document management and information security system that offers comprehensive backup and disaster recovery options. Track the movement and distribution of confidential documents, shielding them from unauthorised access, reproduction, or leaks.

Smart Workplace document and information security solutions empower your organisation to thrive in a secure and efficient work environment.

Utilise a security solution that integrates cutting-edge Face Recognition Technology. Implement seamless staff attendance management and enhance zone control for top-notch security. It's an all-in-one solution that combines identity verification and temperature checks, with easy integration into your HR system for streamlined time attendance logs.

Facilitate compliance with safe management measures at the workplace. Whether it's low light conditions or masks during a pandemic, it's got you covered. Advanced technology constantly learns and identifies individuals, and adds a positive touch.

Create various access profiles, limit entry, and integrate it into your HR or central management system. Elevate your security, streamline operations, and stay compliant with our access control measures.


Canon’s Secure and Control Printing Solution: uniFLOW

Manage printing, scanning, and devices in one platform. Improve the control and efficiency of multifunctional devices and implement print and scan security features.

Canon’s Information Security Solution: Therefore™

Keep, track, and secure sensitive information restricted to authorised users and ensure that all information is backed up.

Access Control Solutions for Identity Verification

Conduct identity verification and limit access to high-security areas with Face Recognition Technology.

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Canon’s Data Capture/Recognition and Processing Solution: I.R.I.S

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