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Managing security across multiple locations and cities with smart tech and software.

Harness the power of IoT, intelligent video analytics, and access control to enable remote monitoring, ensure seamless connectivity, and revolutionise video surveillance management.

The power of IoT makes remote monitoring and synchronisation within the same network easy, so managing security across multiple locations and cities become effortless. With Smart Surveillance solutions, companies can rely on advanced video analytics to enhance efficiency, reducing the need for extensive manpower deployment.

The integration of IoT technology ensures a connected and harmonious video surveillance ecosystem, balancing technological freedom with robust security measures to protect valuable information and minimise the risk of potential attacks.

Adaptable Security at any Scale

Stay ahead of evolving challenges and experience unrestricted video capabilities with a scalable and open platform. Smart Surveillance solutions adapt and expand as your needs evolve. From rapid video synchronisations to security operations that scale seamlessly.

Simple, User-friendly Security Management Interfaces

Get full control of your video surveillance system easily with an intuitive dashboard that simplifies collaboration through centralised operations. Manage security across multiple locations through cloud-based Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) and deploy measures effortlessly with an automated setup.

Intelligent Detection Capabilities

Utilise hassle-free automatic detection of abnormal sounds, fires, and fall incidents, and receive instant notifications for suspicious events. Benefit from enhanced video surveillance with 24/7 active monitoring, and reduce manual patrolling with the power of intelligent detection.


Upgrade your video surveillance solutions with cutting-edge video analytics and AI technologies, securing your investment for the digital future. Our video surveillance solution simplifies and centralises operations, enabling you to maintain complete control and achieve comprehensive situational awareness.

Stay instantly informed about critical events, accessible from computers and mobile devices. When incidents occur, efficiently analyse and resolve them by condensing and filtering extensive footage. Enhance investigations with tracking and monitoring functions, providing valuable insights into objects and individuals. Streamline processes, and reduce complexities, costs, and workloads through our platform's user-friendly interface, multi-layer maps, and advanced search capabilities.

Embrace the future of video surveillance technology, supported by rigorous security testing, to safeguard your organisation and its people from potential breaches.

Streamline video surveillance management across multiple business locations with our unified platform that integrates video surveillance, analytics, and access control, enhancing efficiency and simplifying operations.

With VSaaS, enjoy continuous video recording even during internet outages, ensuring uninterrupted monitoring and protection. Find cameras and sensors using the intuitive Floor Plan View, enabling efficient device management within your premises.

Benefit from Cloud-Based Video Surveillance, allowing simultaneous viewing of up to 4 cameras and seamless timeline scrubbing for incident analysis. Eliminate costs and the need for manual updates and downtime by managing devices remotely. Experience hassle-free deployment in minutes with plug-and-play functionality and user-friendly settings.

Leverage the power of data insights to make informed business decisions. Generate heat maps, count people, detect vehicles, and verify door access using video clips, providing valuable intelligence for improved operations.

Improve your workplace security with Smart Surveillance's Intrusion Detection system. Leverage advanced security devices for robust protection against intrusions. Get instant alerts for unauthorised entry, such as open doors, broken windows, or fire and flooding threats, eliminating the need for constant camera monitoring or unnecessary security patrols.

Manage security flexibly with remote configuration and control using user-friendly apps. Monitor events and secure your premises from anywhere, on-site or remotely. And automate security with customised scenarios to minimise human factors. In case of a fire, the system activates emergency lighting and blackout, ensuring swift response and increased safety.

Rely on the system's resistance to sabotage. Any tampering attempts trigger immediate alerts to the security company and users, enabling prompt action. With automatic updates and future-proof hardware, the system remains reliable and relevant for years. Experience peace of mind with our Intrusion Detection system, offering advanced features and comprehensive monitoring capabilities.

Elevate the safety of your premises with a state-of-the-art Fire Detection system. The system features a wireless fire detector equipped with a temperature sensor, ensuring round-the-clock monitoring for optimal security.

Rest assured that the system keeps a constant watch, promptly alerting you to any signs of smoke or sudden temperature spikes. With real-time alerts at your fingertips, you can take immediate action to prevent potential fire incidents, safeguarding lives and properties.

Place your trust in advanced fire detection technology, delivering reliable and timely notifications. Experience peace of mind as the system guarantees a swift response, minimising the risk of fire-related damages.

Invest in the security and well-being of your premises with a Wireless Fire Detection system.

Ensure safety and well-being with fall detection and prevention technology, utilising advanced LiDAR-based technology and sound recognition capabilities. An intelligent system, advanced AI algorithms, and warning alerts offer real-time incident detection with privacy masking, providing enhanced security and peace of mind. It accurately distinguishes falls from other similar actions, such as sitting, kneeling, squatting, or tying shoelaces.

Whether it's for infants, the elderly, or employees, the system captures depth images of the environment and analyses an individual's position, pre-fall, and post-fall movements. Experience convenience by easily integrating devices into one centralised system, and storing all recorded events in one secure place for easy and clear playback in live or playback view.

Smart Surveillance is cost-effective, allowing caregivers to supervise more people efficiently. Thanks to advanced monitoring technology, users don't need to wear devices or manually activate anything. Trust Canon's comprehensive video surveillance solution to optimise care and ensure a safer environment for all.


Video Content Management Platform

Future-proof video capabilities with data-driven video technology solutions. Scalable, user-friendly, and reliable for your business' needs.

Cloud-based Video Surveillance

Video surveillance, video analytics, and access control in one platform. View videos seamlessly on any device through our Edge Cloud solution.

Pan, Tilt, and Zoom Cameras

Effortlessly zoom in for precision, get clear visuals in low-light situations, and wide-angle perspectives with dynamic range technology.

Fixed Dome Cameras

Equipped with shock-resistant durability for both indoor and outdoor use. Get clear visuals with advanced zoom technology and low-light capabilities.

Fixed Box Cameras

Experience outstanding performance with ultra-wide-angle images in full HD quality, adjustable brightness, and reliable video surveillance coverage.

Compact Series Cameras

Designed for discreet installations, versatile video surveillance options, and built to withstand extreme conditions, providing reliable operations.

Intrusion Detection System (Wireless Security)

Create robust workplace security with swift responses, sabotage resistance, instant alerts, comprehensive monitoring, and user-friendly controls.

Fire Detection (Wireless Security)

Trust in reliable, real-time fire detection technology. Ensure round-the-clock safety with timely alerts to safeguard lives and properties.

Fall Detection (Non-Visual)

Discover intelligent safety solutions. Swiftly identify falls, ensure real-time incident detection, and utilise LiDAR-based technology for enhanced privacy.

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Canon’s Data Capture/Recognition and Processing Solution: I.R.I.S

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