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Enhance Security Measures with Intelligent Video Analytics

Transforming surveillance operations through actionable insights.

Analyse and interpret video data from surveillance cameras and other technology with Smart Surveillance's intelligent video content analytics. Upgrade your security and surveillance systems with intrusion detection, motion detection, facial recognition, object tracking, people counting, and license plate recognition.

With the vast amount of video footage being recorded daily, intelligent video analytics solutions automatically detect and extract valuable information from your video footage through advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence. Accessible data-driven insights enable your business to make informed decisions, optimise resources, and improve customer experiences through heatmap analysis and demographic profiling.

Intelligent video analytics solutions offer a dynamic approach to security management, empowering organisations to safeguard their assets and proactively respond to emerging threats. Create a safer environment in workplaces and industries through efficient security measures, robust privacy settings, real-time hazard identification, and strategic planning for various industries.

Benefits of Intelligent Video Analytics

Improved Security and Privacy Settings

Protect businesses and individuals against potential security risks. Increase security and privacy with robust detection capabilities,face recognition, and real-time monitoring of human movements, optimising resource allocation for peak hours and congestion zones.

Identify Hazardous Situations

Analyse human behaviour patterns, detect falls, and trigger caregiver alerts. Ensure safety with smoke and fire detectors, enabling swift actions for quick evacuations. Effectively manage crowds for timely interventions, preventing potential hazards for a secure environment.

Data-driven Decision-making

Enhance operational productivity through mobile alerts. Streamline facility management through face-recognition access control. Harness the power of data-driven decision-making with valuable insights for business trends, marketing campaigns, and workspace utilisation. 

Enable Targeted Monitoring

Recognise and classify objects in video footage, such as people and vehicles, allowing for targeted monitoring and alerts based on predefined criterias to enhance the effectiveness of security measures.

Reduced False Alarms

Accurately distinguish between genuine security threats and false alarms, minimising the occurrence of unnecessary alerts and ensuring that resources are deployed efficiently to real emergencies.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Reduce the need for manual monitoring to reallocate staff to focus on critical tasks that improve operational efficiency. This streamlined monitoring approach saves time and minimises the risk of human error, translating into long-term cost savings for your business over time.

Make Smart Decisions and Improve Security Operations with Video Content Analytics

Utilise a powerful and cost-efficient tool that analyses human movement and behaviour within specific areas with heatmaps -- a valuable video content analytics tool for retail and the workplace.

Through surveillance cameras that track real-time movement, businesses can generate heatmaps that reveal customer preferences, popular shopping paths, and checkout experiences. This data-driven approach allows for strategic product placements, infrastructure improvements, and enhanced customer experiences, ultimately driving sales. For retail stores, heatmaps allow your business to identify hot selling items and understand why some products may not perform well. In workplaces, heatmaps optimise office operations, especially shared workspaces and hotdesking.

Beyond security, integrating smart heatmap functions unlocks valuable insights to optimise marketing effort, enhance overall business operations, and ensure better office performance.

Accurately analyse footfall in public areas, and glean valuable insights with Smart Surveillance's people counter solutions. Optimise your business operations and enhance customer experiences by utilising advanced sensors and software algorithms that provide real-time monitoring and comprehensive data analytics, aiding in staff allocation, marketing strategies, and resource management.

Key video analytics features include accurate counting with line-crossing analysis, real-time monitoring, data analytics, and queue management. Businesses gain visibility into peak hours, dwell times, and customer behaviour, allowing them to identify trends, evaluate marketing efforts, and efficiently manage crowds.

With actionable data at your disposal, your business can make informed decisions to drive success and increase customer satisfaction.

Experience an intelligent video analytics tool that accurately detects the age and gender of multiple individuals simultaneously. The profile analyser provides invaluable insights for marketing strategy development and resource allocation.

For industries like retail, this solution offers essential data on visitor demographics, enabling targeted marketing campaigns for improved effectiveness. Key video analytics features include customisable detection areas, time schedule analysis, and privacy settings to protect sensitive data.

With this solution, businesses can make data-driven decisions to enhance customer experiences and tailor their marketing efforts, resulting in higher customer engagement and satisfaction. Optimise your business resources and deliver personalised experiences to customers, while driving success and growth.

Improve security through seamless and accurate identification of pre-registered individuals. Our face recognition solution offers real-time image capture and profile matching. Its advanced capabilities, like recognising faces with masks or sunglasses and controlling contrast against strong backlight, ensure reliable detection even in challenging conditions.

With a remarkable recognition range of up to 10 meters, the system enhances security by alerting relevant users promptly. Its versatility allows integration with access control and facilities booking systems, adding convenience and efficiency to various operations.

From safeguarding premises to identifying students who cut classes, right down to preventing dementia patients from wandering, this video content analytics solution provides a comprehensive approach to security and safety, making it indispensable for businesses and institutions alike.

Revolutionise industries' and establishments' level of safety through human behavioural patterns and efficient analyses. Our fall detection solution features an AI-driven platform that focuses on identifying falls accurately with minimal false positives. When a fall occurs, the video analytics solution swiftly alerts caregivers, family members, or emergency services, ensuring timely assistance and intervention.

To further enhance safety, sound analytics and speech recognition complement video imaging, enabling the detection of distress calls for help. The system's real-time analytics automate routine tasks, reducing the need for constant monitoring and significantly improving response times during emergencies, potentially saving lives.

Foster independent living for individuals, offer peace of mind, and provide comprehensive safety.

Uphold industry regulations and improve safety through Smart Tech solutions and its attire detection capabilities.

Surveillance cameras and sensors identify and monitor the attire of individuals within a specific area, ensuring compliance with safety standards. For industries like construction, proper attire is vital for worker safety. Attire detection can ensure workers are wearing the necessary protective gear that helps protect against occupational hazards.

Take the proactive approach to maintain a safe and secure environment for every individual in your workplace environment.

Discover our intrusion detection solutions—a comprehensive security system tailored to safeguard your premises with precision and reliability.

Our intrusion detection system offers a dual-layered approach, comprising sensor-based and video content analytics. With the addition of Face Recognition, alerts are triggered if unfamiliar faces are detected in the monitored zone. Configurations can also be set for monitoring after office hours, ensuring proactive protection and peace of mind against potential threats.

Enjoy integrated video verification, centralised management, and scalability features, elevating your security and situational awareness. Real-time alerts keep you informed on your mobile device and anti-jamming technology enhances responsiveness. With seamless video integration, visualise intrusion events for prompt action. Manage multiple sites effortlessly with centralised control, and access the system remotely through mobile apps.

Stay ahead of potential threats, ensure peace of mind, and create a safer environment with proactive protection.

Monitor spaces for smoke, chemicals, and fire with smoke and fire detection solutions. Utilising both video technologies and sensors, these intelligent video analytics systems strategically placed throughout premises continuously analyse the air and environment for potential hazards. Upon detecting smoke or rapid changes in heat, the system triggers alarms, alerting occupants and authorities for swift action.

Advanced technology, like video smoke detection, enhances accuracy by pinpointing the fire's location from a distance. Integrating with central monitoring systems and emergency services ensures timely response, reducing property damage and safeguarding lives.

AI and machine learning algorithms further improves accuracy and minimises false alarms. Protect against fire incidents and prioritise safety in various environments.

Effective privacy management is crucial in today's data-driven world. Smart Tech offers a range of video content analytics solutions to safeguard individuals' privacy in video data.

Moving Object Mask solution automatically silhouettes moving objects in videos, protecting identities and actions. For environments requiring fixed privacy areas, Static Privacy Masking provides partial or total privacy, ensuring compliance with privacy laws. Radar technology offers wide-area coverage without collecting personal data, ideal for intruder detection in any weather. LiDar technology takes privacy to a new level with camera-free monitoring, detecting sounds and falls without capturing faces or body parts.

Confidently enhance surveillance, protect privacy, and respond swiftly to potential threats.

Implement targeted strategies to streamline operations and maximise resource utilisation.

Optimise resources in educational campuses and offices through occupancy sensing, leveraging intelligent video analytics to monitor room occupancy and ensure optimal space utilisation. Additionally, smart energy management solutions adjust lighting and HVAC systems based on real-time occupancy patterns, reducing energy waste and costs.

Bolster security and operations in workspaces, campuses, and healthcare facilities with advanced video surveillance technologies that monitor high-risk areas, track assets, and manages queues for optimal resource allocation. Manage crises and ensure every individual's safety through real-time alerts, fall detection, intrusion detection, and behavioural analytics.

Integrating these video content analytics solutions enhances security, fosters productivity for healthcare staff, and creates environments conducive to success and growth.



Milestone XProtect VMS integrates cameras, sensors, and analytics into a single interface, offering customisation with 14,000+ devices, centralised control, and top-tier cybersecurity for a resilient, data-safe environment.

Workplace AI

Workplace AI enhances cameras with AI-driven video analytics, integrating seamlessly to improve workplace safety, optimise resource use, and ensure a clean environment.


BriefCam's Video Synopsis and Deep Learning make videos searchable and actionable, enabling rapid review, face recognition, real-time alerts, and enhanced post-event investigations.

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