Building smarter campuses for the new era of hybrid and remote learning

In the ever-changing landscape of education, campuses are undergoing a digital transformation to meet the growing needs of hybrid and remote learning. Leading this transformation is Smart Vertical, revolutionising the campus experience and empowering educational institutions, faculties, administrators, and students to be future-ready.

Our solutions help simplify schools' print infrastructure, safeguard sensitive information, and promote cost-efficient and sustainable resource management. These enable seamless adaptation to a new learning environment, ensuring your campus stays at the forefront of innovation and delivers an exceptional education experience.

Embrace the future of education with Smart Vertical. Unlock the benefits of automated processes, enhanced security, and optimised resource utilisation. Join the league of forward-thinking education industries and embark on a journey of digital transformation and success.


Protecting sensitive information is a paramount concern for individuals and the education sector alike.

Smart Vertical offers a robust solution through trusted authentication and access control methods. By implementing these advanced security measures, it ensures that only authorised users can access and retrieve stored data, mitigating the risk of unauthorised breaches.

In the realm of print jobs, Smart Vertical takes security a step further and implements a comprehensive access control system. Students, faculty, and administrative staff can have peace of mind knowing that their sensitive information is safeguarded against potential threats, fostering a culture of trust and security.

Optimise costs without compromising performance. From startups to enterprises, and the education center, Smart Vertical offers a comprehensive suite of cost-saving tools and technologies. Streamline operations, reduce overhead expenses, and achieve significant savings across various areas.

With solutions such as cutting-edge printing management, Smart Vertical changes the way businesses and schools handle their printing needs. By optimising print workflows and implementing advanced print monitoring systems, Smart Vertical reduces paper and ink wastage. A centralised print management platform streamlines operations, leading to substantial cost reductions.

Unlock new levels of profitability and allocate resources strategically to fuel growth and innovation in today's competitive and digital landscape.

Smart Vertical revolutionises the way the educational sector facilitates collaboration and access to information. Through centralised cloud services, Smart Vertical enables easy sharing of data and resources across on-campus and remote campus, fostering enhanced collaboration and productivity.

Effortlessly exchange information, pass documents, and share ideas in real-time, regardless of physical location. This ease of access anytime, anywhere empowers schools to overcome communication barriers and accelerate decision-making processes.

Embrace Smart Vertical to unlock the full potential of seamless information sharing, fueling innovation and driving success in today's communication-centric industries. 

Smart Vertical's automated solutions offer a game-changing approach to optimise school operations and improve efficiency. By automating tedious manual processes like student registration, examination grading, admissions, and record management, misfiled or lost records become a thing of the past. This ensures the delivery of high-quality student services while safeguarding the school's reputation.

Additionally, Smart Vertical's solutions extend to resource booking management, course scheduling, and attendance tracking through facial recognition and access control, revolutionising campus operations.

Streamline manual processes and create a productive educational environment. Smart Vertical empowers schools to focus on what truly matters: providing an exceptional learning experience for their students.

Reach new heights of learning and interactivity in the classroom. Smart Vertical offers solutions that include seamless hybrid lecturing.

Students can enjoy an immersive learning experience both in person and remotely, fostering a deeper understanding and engagement. The power of 4K live streaming brings lessons to life, enabling students to engage with high-quality content in real time. The interactive touch panel further enhances the learning environment, providing students with writing, presentation, and collaboration functions.

Smart Vertical transforms traditional classrooms into dynamic spaces where technology enhances the educational journey. It breaks down barriers and creates an inclusive learning environment where students can thrive and excel, regardless of their physical location.

Track student attendance and significantly improve academic performance through advanced monitoring smart technology.

By providing real-time attendance updates and absence notifications, the system ensures that both lecturers and students stay informed. Lecturers can access attendance statistics through a user-friendly dashboard and identify trends to take proactive measures. Absentees receive timely SMS alerts, serving as reminders for missed classes. 

This proactive approach fosters a sense of accountability and encourages students to prioritise attendance, leading to increased engagement and improved academic performance.

Smart Vertical helps schools create a conducive learning environment where students are motivated to actively participate, paving the way for enhanced educational outcomes. 

Advanced AI video analytics and video surveillance solutions ensure the safety and security of students, staff, and campus assets.

AI-powered video analytics enable violence detection, allowing for immediate response and intervention. Fall detection technology helps identify and respond promptly to incidents, ensuring the well-being of individuals on campus. Visitor management systems and facial recognition in IoT provide a reliable and convenient method for user authentication and access control for security and campus resources. With seamless integration into IoT devices, facial recognition technology simplifies interactions and delivers a more convenient and efficient user experience.

Leveraging these intelligent surveillance solutions lets Smart Vertical enable educational institutions to proactively address security concerns and foster a safe and protected learning environment.


Business Process Management & Automation

Automate complex workflows and eliminate manual, error-prone business processes to help your campus be future-ready.

Canon Remote Camera with Auto-Tracking

Elevate presentations with movement auto-tracking, ensuring clear visibility to captivate and engage your students online or onsite.

4K Interactive Panels

Transform lecture sessions with presentation and collaboration functions, providing an immersive experience to your online and onsite students.

Course Scheduling & Attendance System (CSAS)

Simplify class schedules and attendance taking with Facial Recognition. Registered students gain classroom access, with attendance automatically captured upon successful authentication.

Video Surveillance Analytics

Ensure campus safety and peace of mind with advanced cloud video surveillance and data analytics. Leverage smart surveillance technologies for your security needs.

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Canon’s Data Capture/Recognition and Processing Solution: I.R.I.S

Product of the Year 2023