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Foster efficient teamwork, digitise records, and manage data efficiently.

Revolutionise data extraction from diverse documents using advanced algorithms and machine learning with Smart Workplace's intelligent data capture solutions.

Automatically identify and index key data points from invoices, forms, contracts, and more. Smart Workplace's intelligent data capture solutions ensure effortless future document retrieval. This streamlines search processes by allowing users to locate documents based on content, keywords, or metadata. Efficiency and productivity are heightened as manual data entry and organisation efforts diminish. Automation reduces human errors, enhancing data accuracy and accessibility.

Our intelligent data capture solutions optimise document management, allowing your organisation to save time, resources, and bolster business operations. The technology's impact extends to improved customer satisfaction through swift, accurate and intelligent document retrieval.

In essence, intelligent data capture solutions stand as crucial tools for seamless document workflows, data accuracy, and enhanced overall business performance.

Benefits of Intelligent Data Capture

Improved Search Capabilities

Simplify future searches through accurate indexing and easy information location. Increase data retrieval efficiency through these solutions.

Efficient Time Management

Automate data extraction and eliminate manual entry. Save time and increase productivity, so your team can focus on more strategic tasks.

Reduced Costs

Minimise costs associated with manual data entry, while increasing efficiency to ensure cost savings in terms of time and resources.

Enhanced Accuracy

Eliminate human errors and ensure accuracy in data capture as advanced technologies and machine learning accurately extract and index data.

Streamlined Workflows

Capture, index, and organise data into relevant databases to make information accessing and sharing across departments and teams easier.

Integrated Software Applications

Enable seamless data transfer and ensure data's accessbility through the ability to integrate with popular enterprise software applications.

Elevated Customer Service

Access customer data quickly to ensure faster response times, and enhance overall customer satisfaction for improved business outcomes.


Manual data entry, susceptible to errors and demanding extensive manpower, not only undermines accuracy but also hampers productivity. The time-consuming endeavour of manually sifting through files adds to operational challenges, wasting valuable resources. The risk of critical information being inaccessible when needed or being outdated remains a concern. As storage costs for physical documents escalate, the need for streamlined digitization services becomes more evident.

Embracing intelligent data capture solutions not only addresses these issues but also propels businesses toward enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and productivity.

By automating data entry, these solutions drastically reduce errors and human resource demands. The advanced search capabilities ensure swift retrieval of information, boosting operational agility. The shift to digital storage minimises physical space concerns while ensuring data accessibility and security.

Ultimately, intelligent data capture solutions empower businesses to stay competitive, offering real-time access to accurate data, timely insights, and improved decision-making capabilities.


Leverage the power of intelligent information and data capture solutions to revolutionise your document management. Say goodbye to manual data extraction from invoices, receipts, and forms.

With our advanced digitization solutions, your business can effortlessly automate this process, ensuring accurate and efficient extraction of essential data. This not only saves valuable time and reduces errors, but also frees up your team for more strategic tasks.

Seamlessly integrate Smart Workplace solutions into your workflow to unlock seamless data extraction, enhancing productivity and data accuracy. Redefine how you handle crucial information, and embrace the future of document management through automated data extraction.

Experience the transformative power of an intelligent information and data capture solution that effortlessly handles both structured and unstructured data. Whether your data is neatly organised or scattered across various formats, our advanced solution has the capability to process it all efficiently and accurately.

Bid farewell to the challenges of managing diverse data types. With our high-tech digitization solutions, you can achieve seamless data processing, no matter the format. Smart Workplace solutions ensure that valuable insights are extracted, enhancing your decision-making process and optimising your workflow.

Embrace a versatile data processing solution that adapts to your needs and maximises your data's potential.

Discover the power of cutting-edge optical character recognition (OCR) technology, revolutionising the way data is extracted from documents. OCR enables you to seamlessly digitize scanned images into searchable PDF or OOXML files, allowing for easy access and retrieval of essential data.

Our intelligent data retrieval utilises advanced OCR to precisely read and extract vital information from various documents, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. With machine learning algorithms at its core, the system continuously evolves, fine-tuning its recognition capabilities over time.

Experience enhanced data extraction accuracy that adapts to your business' evolving needs, boosting productivity and streamlining your document management processes.

Utilise our intelligent data capture solution, and experience unparalleled ease in document retrieval. By ensuring precise data extraction, the system generates searchable indexes, improving the way you locate vital information. Searching for specific details becomes easier as users can effortlessly perform keyword searches or apply customisable filters.

No more tedious manual searches through piles of paperwork – our intelligent data retrieval empowers you to swiftly access the exact data you need, boosting efficiency and productivity. Seamlessly integrate technology into your document management process while streamlining operations, enabling your team to focus on what truly matters: delivering exceptional results.

Work seamlessly across your enterprise software ecosystem with our intelligent data capture solutions. Integration with leading software applications streamlines data entry and transfer, alleviating the burden of manual input across systems. Our solution aligns with popular enterprise software, fostering efficient data flow and accessibility.

This integration ensures captured data becomes immediately available to pertinent systems and applications, eliminating redundancy and enhancing accuracy. Empower your business with a cohesive digital environment where data effortlessly moves across platforms, optimising processes, reducing errors, and allowing your team to focus on strategic initiatives rather than tedious data and information handling.


Canon's Data Capturing Solution: IRISPowerscan

Capture, sort, index, and export documents as fully searchable files, eliminating errors and cutting costs to boost productivity.

Canon's Intelligent Document Management Solution: Therefore™

File information, retrieve data, and improve the workflow of documents for your business with a scalable document management solution.

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Canon’s Data Capture/Recognition and Processing Solution: I.R.I.S

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