Transforming medical care and operational proficiency with smart solutions.

Elevate the standard of patient care and revolutionise healthcare operations with Canon's comprehensive Smart Tech solutions. Promptly address potential issues, improve overall quality of care, and allow greater availability for critical tasks with smart technology.

Smart Tech solutions for healthcare industries contribute to cost reduction by automating tasks, including appointment scheduling, billing, and inventory management. Optimised workflow and reduced paperwork eliminate manual errors, while ensuring seamless accessibility of patient information among healthcare professionals and eliminating manual errors. Our video surveillance solutions play a crucial role, aiding in detecting untoward accidents such as fall detection, triggering alerts to caregivers for immediate recovery action.

Compliance and security are paramount in the healthcare industry, so our smart solutions prioritise patient privacy, maintain data security, and meet regulatory requirements.

We can help your healthcare operations thrive through collaboration and efficient processes, enhancing the delivery and quality of patient care in the healthcare sector.


Provide utmost care by prioritising the safety of both healthcare clients and staff. Our surveillance solutions let you oversee critical areas to deter unauthorised access and identify potential accidents.

Elevate care quality while enabling swift responses to any concerns. With real-time monitoring and proactive measures, hospitals can minimise risks, ensuring the security of vulnerable individuals. Utilise innovative tech like privacy masking, sound recognition, and LiDAR-based technology to safeguard patients' privacy even in sensitive spaces. Monitor areas like washrooms, patient rooms, and wards 24/7 to eliminate the need for time-consuming patrols.

Smart Tech solutions cultivate a secure healing environment, boosting confidence among patients, families, and healthcare teams.

Ensure optimal patient care and efficient resource management through streamlined operations.

Business automation solutions simplify administrative tasks, reducing errors and saving time. Surveillance solutions ease caregiver burdens with monitoring and alerts, enhancing staff efficiency and enabling more patient-focused care. Leveraging video systems extends beyond security, enabling remote patient monitoring for enhanced outcomes.

Implement video analytics for fall risk patient monitoring, enhancing staff productivity and patient safety. License plate recognition secures restricted areas as workplace AI collects and manages air quality via HVAC integration. Explore Canon Remote Camera for live video broadcast to medical students, enriching education.

Invest in efficient operations that empowers healthcare organisations to meet increasing demands and provide better patient care.

Create seamless workflows for better efficiency and improve overall care. Optimised workflow solutions enable healthcare providers to digitise manual processes, reducing paperwork and minimising errors.

This digital transformation streamlines patient record management, documentation, and information sharing among healthcare professionals, promoting collaboration and better decision-making. By storing and retrieving patient information, identifying bottlenecks, and automating revenue cycle management and credentialing workflows, healthcare organisations can optimise operational processes and enhance overall productivity.

Save time and resources while ensuring accurate and timely access to critical information, so healthcare providers can focus on delivering high-quality care, improve patient outcomes, and drive operational excellence.

Empower healthcare organisations with comprehensive information management solutions.

Efficiently capture, store, and analyse patient data to improve health record management and treatment tracking. Data analytics drive informed decisions, enhancing diagnoses and personalised treatment plans for better patient outcomes. Data-driven insights reveal patterns, trends, and potential risks, enabling proactive interventions.

Surveillance solutions offer crowd analysis and clinical floor utilisation insights, optimising workflows and resource allocation. Centralise video surveillance and analytic solutions for a unified view to ensure seamless operations. Streamline clinical trials management through real-time research data handling to reduce time and costs, while workplace solutions, like Workplace AI, collect air quality data for analysis.

Create a seamless patient experience and evidence-based medical care.

Enhance efficiency and cut costs in healthcare management. Implementing automation and optimised workflows reduces labor costs, eliminates errors, and improves operations.

Surveillance solutions bolster cost reduction by preventing security risks and minimising financial losses, enabling faster responses to smoke, fire, and water leakage. Redirect saved funds to patient care and advanced technologies. Instant access to patient records reduces testing time and costs, while streamlining administration tasks and billing enhances revenue cycles. Integrated air quality sensors maintain productivity and sustainability.

Respond swiftly to emergencies, cutting replacement and legal costs. Allocate resources effectively, improving outcomes and healthcare delivery, ensuring financial stability while providing exceptional care.

Our digital solutions play a crucial role in helping healthcare organisations meet regulatory requirements and ensure data security.

Information management systems enforce privacy controls, so patient information can be handled confidentially. In addition, surveillance and video analytic solutions provide real-time monitoring and alerting of activities, and restrict access to secure areas like equipment room through face recognition, enhancing physical security within healthcare facilities. By implementing privacy masking on video surveillance or LiDAR technologies, healthcare providers prioritise client privacy while offering enhanced protection.

Combined with robust security measures, digital solutions help minimise the risk of data breaches and ensure that sensitive health information is only accessible to authorised individuals. Maintain compliance and implement strong security practices to uphold patient trust, protect valuable data, and mitigate privacy risks in an increasingly digital healthcare landscape.


Canon's Output Management Solution: uniFLOW

Bring the value of multi-functional devices to healthcare. Experience a versatile software platform tailored to meet your organisation's print and scan needs.

Canon’s Information Management Solution: Therefore™

Improve document workflow in healthcare services of any size. Experience efficient information capture, retrieval, indexing, and archival.

Canon’s Data Extraction Solution: IRISPowerscan

Enhance operations and optimise workflows with a solution that captures and integrates data from incoming documents automatically.

Content Video Analytic Software

Intelligent video analytics offers face recognition, crowd counting, and privacy masking for enhanced security and data protection.

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Canon’s Information Management Software: Therefore
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Canon’s Data Capture/Recognition and Processing Solution: I.R.I.S

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Canon’s Data Capture/Recognition and Processing Solution: I.R.I.S

Product of the Year 2023