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Enable seamless collaborations and digitised workflows.

Today's fast-paced business environment demands streamlined processes and efficient data management. Smart Tech's Workplace Productivity solution revolutionises business operations, enhancing productivity and collaboration in the digital workplace.

Say goodbye to the hassles of managing physical documents. Our solution seamlessly converts and extracts information, digitising your data for improved organisation. With classified and indexed data, finding relevant information becomes a breeze, saving precious time and ensuring up-to-date access.

But that's not all. We go beyond data digitisation. Our solution harnesses the power of Optical Character Recognition (OCR), automating tedious manual tasks like data entry and invoice processing. By eliminating repetitive business processes, your workforce can focus on value-added activities, boosting overall efficiency and drastically reducing the risk of errors.

Our solution also simplifies guest management and facilities booking in the premises. A visitor management system manages guests with quick and secure registration via face scan and data input, while our facilities booking system allows your employees to plan and reserve rooms or desks ahead of meetings or office visits.

Experience the benefits of digitised business processes and empower your workforce for success in the modern, hybrid workplace.

Benefits of Business Process Management & Automation

Boost Productivity and Effectiveness

Streamline operations with reduced manual processing time, accelerated information search, seamless guest registration, remote facility bookings for employees, self-check-ins for convenient operations, and automated workflows that eliminates need for manpower to do data entry.

Reduce Costs and Enhance Efficiency

Cut costs and enhance efficiency with business workflow automation that kick in without the need for human intervention, reducing errors arising from manual data entry and removing the need for physical storage space with digital file conversion. Benefit from more efficient space planning through insightful data from statistical analysis reports.

Improve Regulatory Compliance

Enhance regulatory compliance with a standardised data format and traceable audit trail for a streamlined and accountable process. In addition, Workplace AI collects information that reinforces safety procedures and protocols during a pandemic, and calculates carbon footprint based on data from video surveillance and IoT sensors.

Better Monitoring and Control

Gain complete visibility and control through enhanced monitoring to identify and address bottlenecks, maximising process efficiency. Ensure regulatory compliance within the workplace with facilities and crowd management backed by insightful data from statistical analysis reports and IoT sensors.


The world of business does not stop. It moves at a hurried pace and changes unpredictably. A manual search through files is time-consuming and prone to errors, leading to wasted time and resources. Outdated or inaccurate information can cause delays and misinformed decision-making. Moreover, the risk of document loss or misplacement poses a significant threat to data security and business continuity.

Our workplace solutions offer a transformative approach to business process management and automation, boosting productivity and ensuring business continuity.

Smart technology, such as cloud storage, intelligent search algorithms, and automated data entry, make document storage and retrieval effortless. Furthermore, our solution also fosters seamless collaboration and information sharing across teams, departments, and locations.

Embrace business process automation solutions that unlock new levels of productivity and enable employees to focus on high-value tasks.


Convert physical information to a digital format for better workflows and efficiency. Smart Workplace solutions offer businesses a way to leverage Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to extract data from digital documents, automating repetitive daily procedures and reducing errors caused by manual processing, such as invoice handling.

Enhance the visitor experience with a system that lets guests register themselves during visits and notifies hosts about their guest's arrival. Employees can also reserve office facilities efficiently and check-in via the system, further streamlining administrative tasks.

Automating business processes, digitised records capture, document creation, and approvals streamline workflows and improve employee satisfaction, freeing up their time for more valuable tasks. Minimise manual tasks, reduce the risk of errors, and enable seamless data exchange.

Experience the power of Smart Workplace for business process automation and unlock a better way of working.

Boost productive outputs and save valuable time through efficient document retrieval. Locating and retrieving desired documents becomes effortless with Smart Workplace solutions.

Data extraction features enable classification, organisation, and indexing of data, ensuring easy access to relevant documents. Employees can perform simple keyword searches that quickly retrieve associated documents, significantly reducing the need for manual effort and manpower. Digitising records, acquiring information from various sources, and using dynamic cloud-hosted e-forms simplify data collection and integration with business processes.

Smart Workplace's intelligent document retrieval offers a comprehensive solution, enabling organisations to maximise their operational capacity and optimise their document management workflows.

Change the way your businesses handles data entry and processing. Get significant cost savings and the liberation of valuable manpower resources.

With automated data extraction capabilities, the time and effort traditionally spent on manual data entry are dramatically reduced, minimising processing errors and improving overall efficiency. By digitising documents, physical storage space requirements are significantly reduced, freeing up valuable real estate and reducing storage costs.

Smart Workplace solutions empower organisations to automate their business process and allocate resources more efficiently. With fewer manual tasks and streamlined workflows, employees can concentrate on higher-value responsibilities, contributing to your business's more strategic initiatives while also enabling more efficient space planning through insights derived from statistical analysis reports.


Canon's Output Management Solution: uniFLOW

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Workplace AI for Better Efficiency

Gather intelligence from various data sources, like video surveillance, IoT sensors, etc., and automate for productivity.

Efficient Visitor Management System

Streamline guest management with secure face scanning and digital data storage, and greet guests with personalised welcome messages on their return visits.

Seamless Facilities Booking System

Enable employees to reserve rooms, send meeting notifications to guests, and check-in via QR code or facial recognition for efficient space planning and crowd management.

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Canon’s Output Management Solution: uniFLOW Online
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Canon’s Information Management Software: Therefore
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Canon’s Data Capture/Recognition and Processing Solution: I.R.I.S

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Canon’s Data Capture/Recognition and Processing Solution: I.R.I.S

Product of the Year 2023