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In today's fast-paced hyper-connected global economy, logistics and transportation industries play a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless movement of goods and services.

Smart Tech solutions revolutionise these sectors by enhancing security, providing real-time tracking and monitoring, and automating workflows. With advanced surveillance systems, businesses can safeguard their assets and build trust among customers and regulatory authorities. Business workflow automation streamlines processes, reduces errors, and boosts productivity. Efficient information management allows for better decision-making and optimised resource allocation. Integration with stakeholders facilitates collaboration and real-time communication. Data-driven insights enable proactive decision-making and predictive maintenance.

Change the way your business handles transportation and logistics. Our Smart Tech solutions help industries meet customer demands, reduce expenses, and be efficient in the digitial age.


In the dynamic world of logistics and transportation, enhanced security is paramount. Surveillance solutions with real-time monitoring through cameras and sensors provide a crucial layer of protection, mitigating the risks of theft, vandalism, and unauthorised access to valuable goods and vehicles. This not only safeguards the assets and shipments but also instills confidence in customers, insurance providers, and regulatory authorities.

Our advanced surveillance systems include car plate recognition technology, which ensures that only approved vehicles can access restricted areas. Additionally, facial recognition is employed to verify authorised staff and vendors, enhancing security across your operations.

Upgrade the overall security of your transportation and logistics business with robust video surveillance that reduces losses and reinforces smooth operations.

Embrace the efficiency of automating repetitive tasks such as order processing, invoicing, and documentation. Reduce manual errors and save time to achieve streamlined operations and improved productivity. Manual paperwork that once caused delays and inefficiencies is now processed faster, leading to quicker turnarounds and satisfied customers.

Through business workflow automation, logistics companies can focus on the more strategic aspects of their operations, such as optimising routes and enhancing customer experiences. Foster seamless integration of digital solutions for smoother and faster collaboration among team members, suppliers, and customers.

Implement workflow automation to stay competitive and drive success to your transportation and logistics operations.

Enabling centralised data storage, and granting authorised personnel seamless access to vital information plays a crucial role in helping your business make informed decisions. Stay ahead of demand fluctuations and ensure smooth supply chain management with streamlined processes and optimised resource allocation.

Through our Smart Tech solutions, your company can leverage predictive analytics to anticipate customer needs, optimise inventory levels, and minimise costs, leading to heightened productivity and improved overall efficiency.

In this dynamic industry, timely and accurate information is key to delivering on-time and reliable services, gaining a competitive edge, and fostering long-lasting customer relationships.

Revolutionise transportation and logistics operations by digitalising integration and collaboration. Foster seamless communication and data sharing among stakeholders. Suppliers, partners, and customers are integrated into a cohesive network, enabling real-time updates on shipment status and potential delays.

Automated notifications keep everyone informed, allowing for swift responses and contingency planning. Furthermore, by sharing data and insights across the supply chain, companies can make better-informed decisions and address issues before they arise. This improved collaboration and communication lead to more agile supply chains, reduced lead times, and improved overall efficiency.

The power of digitalisation ensures that critical information is readily available to the right people at the right time, ensuring smooth logistics operations and ultimately delivering a superior customer experience.

Unlock the hidden potential of your transportation and logistics performance through data-driven insights from vast data streams. Real-time data gathering and analysis provide valuable information on patterns, trends, and potential bottlenecks.

Predictive maintenance helps avert breakdowns, reducing costly downtime and ensuring a smooth supply chain. Identify opportunities for cost savings, improve processes, and make other improvements that enhance your bottom-line by analysing shipment data and other operational metrics, through our reporting tools and business insights capabilities.

Data-driven decision-making in transportation and logistics operations leads to streamlined routes, better resource allocation, and improved delivery schedules. Achieve a future-ready and agile logistics ecosystem by harnessing the power of data.


Canon’s Workflow Management Solution: Therefore™

Enhance collaboration and communication. Keep track of goods, manage documentation easily, and integrate with other systems for better accessibility.

Canon’s Data Processing Solution: IRIS

Streamline operations and boost efficiency with an automated solution that seamlessly captures and integrates data from incoming documents.

Content Video Analytics Software

Safeguard data with intelligent video analytics, delivering face recognition, crowd counting, and moving object masking for ultimate protection.

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Canon’s Data Capture/Recognition and Processing Solution: I.R.I.S

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