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Enabling exceptional picture clarity across environments

Meet the unique demands of the professional AV and streaming industry with tailored Smart Tech solutions.

With a focus on exceptional clarity and content delivery, Canon's imaging ecosystem empowers professionals recording or streaming from various environments, including offices, studios, classrooms, and kitchens. Advanced features like remote PTZ cameras, auto-tracking, and compatibility with industry-standard protocols ensure streamlined workflows and enhanced collaboration. 

In the fast-paced AV and streaming industry, where live events and virtual productions demand seamless performance and captivating visuals, Smart Tech solutions rise to the challenge. By addressing the specific needs of AV and streaming professionals, Smart Tech enables them to deliver high-quality content consistently, whether it's for a live event or virtual production. 

Trust in the reliability, versatility, and innovation of our advanced solutions and stay ahead in the competitive landscape of the AV and streaming industry.


Experience unparalleled visual excellence with Canon's high-quality imaging solutions. Whether you're streaming live events, virtual conferences, or educational content, our Smart Tech solutions deliver captivating visuals that engage your audience. Imaging ecosystem ensures exceptional 4K video quality, providing crisp, detailed imagery that enhances your content. 

Remote PTZ cameras and selected camcorder support the SRT protocol, so broadcasting remains reliable even in challenging network conditions. 

Trust Canon to elevate your visuals and unlock the full potential of your audio-visual productions, setting new standards of excellence in the industry.

Utilise seamless integration and unified control with Canon's XC Protocol, revolutionising the way you manage professional video and cinema equipment. The XC Protocol streamlines communication, enabling effortless integration of remote PTZ cameras, camcorders, and Cinema EOS cameras into existing workflows. 

Thanks to unified control, users gain the ability to manage all devices from a single interface, simplifying setup and adjustments during live broadcasts, events, or studio productions. Benefit from increased efficiency, reduced setup time, and enhanced flexibility, as Canon enables you to streamline operations and improve the quality of your productions.

Unlock new levels of creativity and efficiency with Canon's XC Protocol, made for enhancing collaboration and flexibility in video production workflows. Through seamless communication between remote PTZ cameras and camcorders, the XC Protocol empowers video professionals to dynamically adjust settings like pan, tilt, zoom, focus, and exposure in multi-camera setups. 

Whether you're orchestrating a remote production or executing an elaborate studio shoot, the XC Protocol provides the flexibility and control needed to bring your creative vision to life. 

Experience upgraded collaboration, streamlined workflows, and unparalleled creative possibilities with Canon's innovative XC Protocol.

Harness the power of unparalleled control and flexibility with Canon's XC Protocol, designed to revolutionise remote operation and customisation of Canon devices.

With the XC Protocol, operators gain the ability to remotely manage cameras from control rooms, ensuring flexibility in capturing footage from even the most challenging environments. Custom presets and automated camera movements further enhance flexibility and efficiency, allowing operators to optimise settings for various shooting scenarios with ease. 

With Canon's innovative XC Protocol, witness new levels of control, customisation, and efficiency in your video production workflows.

Explore the XC Protocol's versatility and potential for efficient shooting in diverse scenes. Leverage a powerful tool that seamlessly links compatible products over a network. 

With the XC Protocol, Canon's devices work harmoniously together, ensuring smooth collaboration across various production environments, from corporate events to educational content and live streaming. This seamless integration enables content creators to focus on capturing captivating visuals without worrying about compatibility issues or workflow disruptions. 

Optimise your productions thanks to Canon XC Protocol's efficiency and versatility and deliver high-quality content in any setting.

Streamline production workflows and enhance efficiency with Canon's advanced Auto Tracking and Auto Loop features. 

Auto-tracking capabilities ensure that speakers remain in focus and perfectly tracked during presentations, lectures, and events, regardless of movement speed or viewpoint changes. With visual analysis performed directly within the camera, users can achieve exceptional tracking performance without manual intervention.

The Auto Loop application also automates pre-programmed camera movements, ideal for scenarios requiring simple repeated movements, such as live music events.

Boost your production quality and streamline event coverage with Canon's innovative solutions for effortless shooting experiences.

Create an immersive visual experience through seamless integration with virtual environments using FreeD protocol. 

Innovative technology allows our remote PTZ cameras to communicate effortlessly with virtual production systems, such as virtual sets or augmented reality environments. By tracking camera movement and position in real time, the remote PTZ camera aligns precisely with virtual elements, enhancing realism and creating immersive visual experiences for viewers.

In addition, Canon's selected EOS cameras and camcorders are compatible with third-party tracking systems, ensuring ultra-precise tracking without drift or system artifacts. 

Strive for unparalleled realism and immersion with our smart solutions.

Our real-world impact

E-Sports Arenas

In search of a way to capture facial expressions and gaming overviews during tournaments, we provided clients with advanced camera systems and high-quality streaming solutions tailored for the needs of e-sports arenas.

Tele-medicine Services

For medical clinics looking for a way to do close examinations of customers' faces during teleconsultations, we installed cameras with top-of -the-line zoom functionalities that meet the requirements of the industry.

Education Sectors

To facilitate the education sector's need for interactive teaching sessions, remote PTZ cameras with auto-tracking software were installed, providing advanced streaming and recording capabilities that support online and hybrid teaching.

Corporate Offices

For corporate clients that require quality video streaming for conference rooms and townhall sessions, we installed remote PTZ cameras with tripod mounts and IR remote controllers to provide reliable and efficient streaming solutions.


Smart Workplace Solutions

Boost productivity by seamlessly integrate AV and streaming technology for a modern, collaborative workspace.

AI-powered Learning Platform

Knowledge management platform for on-demand video sharing for corporate or educational use.

Remote Pan, Tilt, and Zoom Cameras

Zoom in for precision, receive clear visuals in dimly lit environments, and get wide-angle perspectives with dynamic range tech.

Remote PTZ Camera's Add-On Applications System

Make video production effortless with remote PTZ cameras' auto tracking and auto loop features, no external hardware needed.

EOS Cameras

Shoot 8K/60P videos with ease for long periods of time and in various file formats, including Cinema RAW Light, XF-AVC, and MP4.

Professional Camcorders

A compact camera designed for long hours of shooting with dedicated audio control dials and panels and industry-standard outputs.

Reference Displays

Realise precise HDR image expression that goes from 4K up to 8K for high-end reference work. Get improved viewing angles for brightness and colour-checking.

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Canon’s Data Capture/Recognition and Processing Solution: I.R.I.S

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Canon’s Data Capture/Recognition and Processing Solution: I.R.I.S

Product of the Year 2023