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Intrusion Detection System

A triumvirate of solutions for robust protection

Leverage the power of an intrusion detection system to monitor and safeguard your physical space against unauthorised access or suspicious activity. Canon’s intrusion detection system offers a comprehensive approach of motion sensors, CCTV with video content analytics and access control systems to enable automatic scanning of any environment for signs of intrusion.

Motion sensors play a critical role in detecting movement within the premises. These sensors are strategically placed to cover areas susceptible to intrusion. In conjunction with motion sensors, CCTV cameras provide a visual representation of the detected activity. Video content analytics analyse the captured footage, identifying anomalies or potential threats.

Upon detecting an intrusion in the monitored zone, such as open doors and broken windows, the system promptly triggers alarms or activates lights. This alerts security personnel or relevant authorities, enabling them to take swift and appropriate action.

Get peace of mind knowing that your building or premises are safe and secure at all times.


Enhanced Safety & Security

Continuous monitoring of your operations offers an additional layer of security against potential threats. This means your business stays safer, reducing the risk of losses due to breaches or theft.

Remote Monitoring

Keep an eye on your property from anywhere with an automatic intrusion detection system. Our user-friendly apps with remote monitoring capabilities allow you to check in on your premises anytime, from day to night, even when you are not physically present.

Security Information Management

When it comes to security incidents, time is of the essence. Get instant documentation of any breach or suspicious activity, including timestamps and photo or video footage, which can be used for reporting and investigation purposes.

Faster Response Time

Stay informed of any unauthorised entry or suspicious activity right away. Get instant alerts with an automatic intrusion detection system, enabling security companies and users to take swift action to address the situation.

Enhanced Workplace Productivity

Free security personnel from constant vigilance and unnecessary patrols. Mobile alerts through various means such as apps, SMS or emails keep security personnel informed without tethering them to a control room, so they can focus on other higher-value tasks for business growth.

Protect Reputation & Revenue

Investing in an intrusion detection system is not just about preventing physical threats. It also safeguards against corporate espionage, asset losses and reduces public opinion. Protecting your company image protects both your bottom line and your brand's integrity.

Key Features of Smart Surveillance with Intrusion Detection System

Surveillance cameras with license plate recognition analytics detect intruders by identifying and recording license plates of vehicles entering or exiting the perimeter, allowing automated entry for pre-approved cars only.

Video content analytics also detect suspicious individuals loitering near the perimeter for extended periods, as well as unattended objects or packages that could signify a security threat. Security personnel are promptly alerted to investigate and take necessary action, minimising the risk of security threats or breaches.

Identify approved personnel based on facial features, ensuring that only authorised individuals are granted access to the perimeter. Suppose an unauthorised person attempts to breach the perimeter. In that case, the system instantly detects the intrusion attempt using facial recognition and immediately alerts security personnel. Knowing that their facial features are being scanned and compared against a database of authorised users will deter potential intruders. RFID, Bluetooth or cards are also supported as alternative authentication methods.

Motion sensor systems detect the movement of intruders, such as intrusion after office hours or unauthorised staff in secure areas after office hours, triggering alarms or activating lights. Advanced technology helps differentiate between genuine threats and false alarms caused by pets, debris or environmental factors like wind.

By minimising false triggers, security personnel can focus on genuine security threats for more effective surveillance. Specialised motion sensors, including fire alarm detectors, glass break detectors with microphones, and motion sensors with photo-by-alarm features, allow for more comprehensive coverage across multiple applications.

Protect Your Perimeter Against Intrusion with Canon

Surveillance Cameras

Our range of PTZ, Dome and Box cameras provides comprehensive coverage from all angles. Whether you need a wide-angle view for surveillance of large areas or powerful zoom functionality for quality close-ups, our surveillance cameras stay ahead of the curve with built-in intelligent functions to proactively alert and identify potentially critical situations.

Video Content Analytics

Smart analytics automatically track objects in the scene and minimise false alarms. Analyse speed, distance and angle of movement for more precise monitoring. Create custom and complex rules based on specific scenarios, enabling instant alarms when triggered.

Continuously tracking activity allows for detecting and verifying unwanted motion before alerting staff. When detected, the system can trigger prerecorded or live audio warnings to deter potential intruders effectively.

Access Control System

Access control system utilises advanced facial recognition technology to enable identity verification and temperature checks. Equipped with built-in fill lights, the access control system performs accurate face scans even under low-light conditions. It seamlessly integrates with Human Resource Systems to facilitate time attendance logging.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Utilising radio signals, our IoT-enabled security surveillance system transmits information seamlessly within the intrusion detection system. It is embedded with motion sensors, window and door opening sensors, and glass break sensors that come with alarm photo verification, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of intrusion detection.

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